How effective were the tactics used

By the mid-1960s, most main force vietcong troops were armed with chinese versions of the russian ak-47 submachine gun they also used a range of effective soviet and chinese light and medium machine guns, and infrequently, heavy machine guns in particular, heavy machine guns were valued for defense against. They were supplied with rockets and weapons by china and russia they used the ho chi minh trail - a jungle route through laos and cambodia - to supply their armies the americans couldn't attack their supply routes without escalating the war their tactic was hanging onto the belts of the americans - staying so close. It was during this phase in the fighting that harold was probably killed and the battle won although william did receive a certain amount of good fortune during the battle, it could be argued that he employed the more creative tactics william was mounted on a horse during the battle and had a good view of. Terrifying teens by making them lie in coffins, forcing them to spend a night on a frigid street or a bare prison cell— these harsh measures are used in in fact, a cochrane review — the gold standard for evidence-based medicine — concluded that kids sent to scared straight were 68-71% more likely to. Founded in 1913 as the congressional union for woman suffrage (cu), the national woman's party (nwp) was instrumental in raising public awareness of the women's suffrage campaign using a variety of tactics, the party successfully pressured president woodrow wilson, members of congress, and state legislators to.

Effectiveness: how effective, contemporary leaders influence subordinates sue sampson bachelor of business (qut) submitted in partial requirements for the degree of master of business static since the late 1990s eight new influence tactics were identified, offering 44 multiple tactics used simultaneously. The weapons and battle tactics used by both sides during the revolutionary war were consistent with those used by european armies for the previous 15 or so years both sides used similar weapons and fought using similar tactics muskets the primary weapon used by both sides was the musket the most popular type of. By combining a fluid organizational structure with effective hit-and-run tactics and accurate intelligence, the irish republican army was able to defeat militarily the the outcome of the anglo-irish war demonstrates the success which a well- organized guerrilla campaign can achieve, and the tactics used by the ira must.

The word tactics originates in the greek taxis, meaning order, arrangement, or disposition—including the kind of disposition in which armed formations used to enter such methods gave good results when employed by richard the lion- heart in the battle of arsūf in 1191 however, when necessary precautions were not. Formations used by the ancient roman military to defeat enemy soldiers the entire foundation of roman infantry tactics was the idea that by keeping troops in order, one could fight more effectively most military commanders of here are some common formations, and tactics that were organized by formations typical. The royalist and parliamentary armies used similar tactics and weapons during the civil war before a when the enemy employed a cavalry charge, the musketeers sheltered behind and between the pikemen during the in the new model army men were promoted when they showed themselves to be good soldiers. Perhaps the most effective of these aircraft was the italian fiat c442 falco, or falcon by the time it came off the assembly line in 1938, it was already dreadfully out of date it may have been easy to maneuver, but it was slow, and lightly armed these planes were used during the battle of britain where.

It was therefore crucial that operations made as much use of allied firepower as possible typically, attacks were preceded by huge barrages from a combination of massed artillery, warships offshore, and even heavy bombers then the infantry went in behind rolling barrages tanks were most successfully used when they. 'technology' was really neither here, nor there the nva and vc essentially had much the same level of 'technology' available to them, with the exception of helicopters the real 'difference' involved their view of the nature of the battlefield was much different from that of the us, and it was a view deveoped fighting the. It was an innovative military technique first used by the germans in world war two and was a tactic based on speed and surprise with so much focus placed on the frontline, if this could be penetrated then the ensuing doubt, confusion and rumour were sure to paralyse both the government and the defending military.

Answer by stephen tempest: mongol success in battle depended on several factors, which combined to make them an extremely effective force still, they the mongols were also used to living off the land, so they were not tied to a slow- moving supply train finally, the mongols were willing to exploit. Compliance, or resistance hypotheses were developed to explain the outcome of each tactic used alone and in combination the findings supported most of the hypotheses the most effective tactics were in- spirational appeals and consultation the least effective were pressure, legitimating, and coalition tactics. Why do you think having a personal brand is necessary for a professional in any career 4 what strategies are being used to present the brand a personal website b blog c facebook d instagram e pinterest f twitter 5 has it been presented successfully i yes ii somewhat iii no 6 what was the most effective area.

How effective were the tactics used

Heavy bombing, napalm and agent orange were used to clear out thick jungle areas & destroy the ho chi minh trail with little effective: = viet cong use of underground tunnels & ambush tactics = vc was able to procure most of their supplies inside south vietnam + most of the american bomb tonnage. There were several strategies and tactics used at verdun and passchendaele some were unique to each battle while other tactics were used in both tactics artillery barrages in short bursts were quite effective as enemy soldiers would be caught unprepared for these attacks and caused high casualty rates barrages in.

  • Even though perceptions are not equivalent to behavior, we assumed that perceived effectiveness of a tactic would be closely related to how much the tactic is used as a supplementary research method, subsamples of the chinese and american managers were interviewed to collect incidents describing actual influence.
  • Napoleonic tactics describe certain battlefield strategies used by national armies from the late 18th century until the invention and adoption of the rifled musket in the mid 19th century napoleonic tactics are characterized by intense drilling of the soldiers, speedy battlefield movement, combined arms assaults between.
  • Decisions at each of these stages, and thus that the tactics used to influence be- havior must be appropriate for the stage of the target population this chapter develops this point and its implications for developing effective engagement strategies most striking finding of this research, in fact, was the similarity of the methods.

The shady data-gathering tactics used by cambridge analytica were an open secret to online marketers i know, because i was one is just about every tech company [facebook] did a good job talking to wall street about how their business works, but at no point did they actually talk to their users. For years, i've been trying to convince people that success is not about who you are, but about what you do roughly two years ago, i wrote about the “nine things successful people do differently,” which became hbr's most-read piece of content over that time span it was a list of strategies, based on. Military tactics used by the usa and the vietcong the usa was a richer 1st world country than vietnam, meaning it was better equipped for a military attacks it had: more and better weapons better access to well trained soldiers a good military understanding good transportation and was generally better equipped for.

how effective were the tactics used Therefore, in conclusion i think that the tactics that haig used were vital for bringing an ending to the first world war i also think that if it were not for haig then the allies would not have had as good a chance at winning the war, because the germans were much more experienced and skilled soldiers then the allies were as.
How effective were the tactics used
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